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Women's designer belts - A BELTER? or BS !

MR CHRISTIAN takes a deep dive on some of the current women's belt offers and spills the tea on what true value they represent for the consumer. Women's designer belts a belter or BS?

The luxury fashion industry is known for making product and brands appear a much higher value proposition than they actually derive in the material and production values of the products they promote. The basic and minimal legally required labelling of products to enable the retail and sale offers no real detailed information as to the true composition values, sourcing and material make of the products offered.

Leather product labelling is perhaps the worst offender as terms such as "genuine leather" "100% leather" "real leather" are not representative of the exact quality, source and make up of the final product. Any product containing even the smallest or lowest grade leather can be labelled genuine! .

Women's designer belt image
Is it a Belter or BS ?

Consumers are often mislead into thinking that because a product has a significantly higher retail price point and is brand endorsed it has to be genuine value and represents the best possibly quality of product. Sadly this is far from the truth. Yes there are exceptions to this rule and only those brands that are willing and transparent enough to share the detailed information on the materials, sourcing and authentication of their products represent a genuine value offer which would be indicative of these higher price points.

For most luxury brands most of the margin and profits derived are used for brand image, brand perception and market positioning and NOT for genuine value of product. It also represents profiteering for the these luxury brands for the interests of stakeholders and investors. The customer is typically the last consideration.

MR CHRISTIAN took a look at just a handful of belt offers by varying brands and broke them down to see how they stack up as a genuine value for money purchase for the consumer.

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