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Updated: Mar 17



MR CHRISTIAN has just announced a two pouch leather bag collection with very bold and noticeable difference. The Brand are always pushing forward when it comes to sustainable and transparency in luxury fashion, which are the benchmark and underpinning of the brands ethics. This is Luxury fashion but no for vegans.

The two leather pouch collection will be a limited edition run available as pre order only in the two colour ways, Mocca brown and natural crust. Minimalist styling but hand artisan crafted from traceable UK leather sources. (shown here as pre- production prototypes in waste split leathers)

In and industry first all the bags will be "EAR TAGGED" with the herd details from where the leather was sourced. Customers can also scan their bag with a smart phone with NFC technology, to see the full details of the bag using and it's production values, this also authenticates the product.

The Brand typically offers a Lifetime guarantee with all its products but these are different. The removal of the tag invalidates this lifetime guarantee, so customers are encouraged to keep the tag on the bags for extra peace of mind.

WHY THE TAGS ? we ask. The tags give assurances to customer as to the full trace location of the leather used in the manufacturing of the bags . All live stock are tagged within 28 days of birth and recorded as part of livestock management by law in the UK. The information is a legal requirement for the management of all live stock under government and DEFRA legislation.

With so much Greenwashing and secrecy around material sources in fashion, owner Christian said "we wanted to be the first luxury brand world wide to be publicly "transparent" and "open source" about our material supply". "As we use UK & Irish hides for production of our leather goods all of this information is already available for traceability reasons It's just not used this way".

"Anyone wearing or using one our bags is buying fully traced leather back to the farm". There is no doubt, lies or secrecy but factual verified transparency from government registered data sources".

Christian also goes on to say "more and more of us are seeking transparency in fashion it's now a key deciding factor when making a purchase". "Consumers are savvy and want to be showing that they care about the resources they use and what they wear". "The BAGS with TAGS" or the "UDDER BAGS" will become instantly recognisable and iconic in confirming that your purchase was a considered and an ethical one. You are also showing everyone that you are a respectful and a conscious consumer of luxury fashion"

This move by MR CHRISTIAN hopes to set a new benchmark and movement in sustainable and transparency within the luxury fashion space. There is no doubt these bags will divide opinion especially amongst the vegans and plant lifers in luxury fashion. But these are luxury fashion not for vegans.

LOVE THEM OR LOATHE THEM there's no denying this is a bold move and one that will draw attention to the issues even further. Will you be adding one of these to your luxury bag collection ?

beef stock cattle with ear tags
Cow with ear tags

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