We welcome all wholesale enquires from multibrand retailers, ecommerce through to independant boutiques.  Please note that ALL our production is made to order and is not stock supported.  We operate this way to ensure nothing is wasted in terms of production time, labour, materials and resources.   Having shelves stocked of ready product does not really meet our sustainability model in only producing what we and our customers need. We are happy to work with an "in-stock service" if required, but this is subject to foward seasonal planning, meeting our minimum order commitments and forward investment.

Please use the contact form to enquire about being a stockist or email us for further details.







Social media influencers in the fashion luxury brand sector are welcome to contact us to help promote and raise awareness of our portfolio of products and collaborations we undertake.  Again we seek a financial contribtuion to our selected charitable partners in exchange for your help.  We are all in this together and it's a social impact we are trying to instill in our core values and messaging through our products.  You are welcome to contact us understanding this (non negociable) commitment.  .  WE DON'T FEED PEOPLES EGO'S WE FEED THEIR SOULS.  We hope that a few influencers will take us up on this offer to help create this social movement with us.

Collaborative working in our sector seems to be on the increase combining shared values, interests and resources that benefit all parties.  We would be delighted to work with and partner other brands to strengthen our business and offer to a wider audience.  Anyone seeking to collaborate with us must commit to donating % of the sales to our chosen charity partners or making a one off donation.  (this is non negociable).

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We do not operate any affiliate schemes or incentives as any surplus funding or a percentage of our profits goes towards our charity partners to support bigger causes.  We may consider an affialte scheme in the fullness of time but at present we are focusing on the brand values and message of our desired social impact.  


Brands wishing to add to their product range in this sector are welcome to contact us for consultancy and bespoke own label production.  We are well placed to help design, source materials and manufacture products to your own exacting requirements.  All within the full circlular & sustainability frameworks.  This will be a fee based service supporting you through an initial free consultation and scoping of project, through to full delivery of product and fufilment.