Streetwear and the urban scene has long been a part of the British and world fashion social demographic.  Whilst not perhaps the most elegant or formal type of fashion, it does resonate with many.  mainly in the form  of expression and creative endevours.  Bold bright colours, creative artisic license, anti establishment undertones with freedom of speech and living outside normal social stereotyping.  Driven in part by the R&B, rap and hip hop music scene in America with a good dose of California skate parks and BMX bikes, not to mention the district of COMPTON in L.A and the Low riders,  gang and drug cultures.  It's is a fashion style which has today become a major player in the industry.  Harnessing casual relaxed dress code and blending it with sportswear to create perhaps one of the largest growing default wardrobe staples for todays gen-x, millenials,  social media savy types, celebrities music and sports icons.  We simply couldn't ignore the importance of this sector and have designed a range of streetwear Hoodies + Tees  which are fully sustainable to compliment our core values and brand message which will develop over time. 



Wearing MR CHRISTIAN streetwear as a brand denotes that you have perhaps overcome some of life's challenges. Your are aware of self and the environment around you. Self - love and belief in your own value is a core part of who you are. Being proud to stand for equality and social responsibility with a raw "TRUTH" that benefits everyone in society.

We are not about status, class, race, religion or gender, we are inclusive and focused on positive vibes, compasion for others and our planet.  We don't play the by same rules as eveyone else and neither should you. Be different, enjoy being unique and stand for something.  If you are going to buy streetwear make sure its ethical, sustainable and gives to a great cause, Make sure it's   MR CHRISTIAN