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ECO TAN: Leather Tanning A Sustainable Marvel from Sepici Tannery in Turkey

Not all leather tanneries are the same!

Leather tanning drum
leather tanning drum


In the global production of luxury sustainable leather goods, Sepici Tannery stands out with its innovative approach to eco-friendly leather tanning. Their ECO TAN leather not only offers exceptional quality and durability but also emphasizes the concept of full circularity. This blog article dives deep into the sustainable marvel of ECO TAN leather from Sepici Tannery, highlighting its environmental benefits and contribution to the sustainable production of luxury leather goods.

The Essence of ECO TAN Leather

ECO TAN leather production at Sepici Tannery focuses on minimizing environmental impact throughout the entire production process. Unlike traditional tanning methods that use harmful chemicals, ECO TAN leather utilizes natural and eco-friendly tanning agents derived from plant extracts. This eliminates the use of toxic substances, making it a safer and healthier alternative for both workers and the environment. By embracing sustainable practices, Sepici Tannery ensures that their ECO TAN leather stands as a symbol of responsible and ethical leather production.

MODEL Wearing leather goods

Full Circularity in Action

One of the remarkable aspects of ECO TAN leather from Sepici Tannery is its commitment to achieving full circularity. This means that every component of the leather production process is carefully designed to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency. Starting from the sourcing of hides from responsible suppliers to the treatment of wastewater and the utilization of renewable energy sources, Sepici Tannery implements sustainable practices at every step. Even the by-products generated during leather production, such as trimmings and scraps, are repurposed and transformed into other useful materials, mainly crop fertilizers promoting a zero-waste philosophy.

ECO TAN - sustainability Circularity
ECO TAN - sustainability Circularity

Environmental Benefits

By opting for ECO TAN leather from Sepici Tannery, consumers contribute to reducing the environmental footprint associated with leather production. The use of natural tanning agents significantly reduces the release of toxic chemicals into water sources and helps preserve ecosystems. Additionally, the full circularity approach minimizes landfill waste and conserves natural resources by recycling and reusing materials. Sepici Tannery's commitment to sustainability extends beyond leather production and encompasses various eco-friendly initiatives, such as efficient water and energy consumption, carbon footprint reduction, and compliance with international environmental standards.

Luxurious and Sustainable

ECO TAN leather from Sepici Tannery offers a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this leather boasts exceptional quality, durability, and beauty, satisfying the demands of even the most discerning customers. By choosing ECO TAN leather goods, individuals can make a conscious choice to support sustainable fashion while enjoying the elegance and sophistication associated with luxury leather products.

Sepici Tannery's commitment to sustainable practices ensures that every ECO TAN leather item becomes a testament to ethical fashion and responsible consumer choices.


Sepici Tannery's ECO TAN leather production sets a new benchmark in the global luxury sustainable leather goods industry. With its focus on full circularity, eco-friendly tanning agents, and minimizing environmental impact, this leather stands as a shining example of sustainability in action. By embracing ECO TAN leather from Sepici Tannery, individuals can not only enjoy high-quality, luxurious leather goods but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Let's join hands in supporting responsible and ethical leather production practices and make a positive impact on the world we live in.

Sepici Tannery
Sepici Tannery



SEPEICI ECO TAN LEATHERS : Ecotan Leather | Shift to biocircular

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