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Christian Shortland - MR CHRISTIAN has over 20 years experience in the luxury fashion brand sectors having worked with an enviable list of global brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Mulberry, Church Shoes, Prada. Everything from vendor production selection, material sourcing, new product development through to sales and marketing. Factory audits, quality control compliance, product certification through to wholesale/retail ecommerce account brand management. It really was only a matter of time before we launched our own products available to customers but with a more sustainable and ethical framework for todays consumers.  We are not reinventing the wheel but we are ensuring everything we do has a story, a value and a commiment to a greater cause and much needed industry change.. 


You can be assured that behind every MR CHRISTIAN product is years of experience, passion and heritage production spanning two decades, and the desire to make the world a better place.




MR CHRISTIAN  like many fashion brands we are very concious of the plight on our resources and the global warming issues that face our sector and the wider community. We have a clear and defined policy when it comes to sustainable and ethical production and the fair treatment people.  We have a "blanket ban" on any resource, supplier, maufacturing partner or product that has not been fully scrutinised through it's supply chain journey and code of ethics. None of our products are packaged in plastics, contain plastics or use petrolium or solvent based materials. We do not use PU coated split leathers, bonded leathers or heavily refinished leathers in any of our production.  We continue to use vegetable tanned leathers in all of our leathergoods and accessories from some of the worlds leading tanneries who are certifed sustainable and ethical in their production models and processes.  As a "new brand" we can establish from the outset our sustianability framework. Whilst most other more established brands are having to retrospectively make the changes needed, which is costing millions and driving up prices and margins.  We know where change is happening in this sector and we a well placed to start with the right foundations in place.

Despite the growing industry trend to use plant based derived so called "leathers" this is a false narative and techincally "greenwashing". We continue to use natural vegetable tanned leather in its purest form which is a sustainable product.  Raw hides are a by product of the food & meat industry and will always be an ethical source of supply. 


All our suppliers and manufacturing partners also ahere to certified sustianabilty frameworks or are working towards full compliance.  We do not outsource our production, we do not use or endorse forced labour in our manufacturing or supply chains and everything we make is here in the UK and audited anually.  All of our supply chain partners are modern slavery policy accredited, and audited by MR CHRISTIAN to ensure full compliance.  If you cant prove your credentials we won't work with you! Its really is that simple.


As a brand we aim to be responsible and fully accountable in everything we do.  Part of this commitment is the welfare of our customers who purchase our products.  As a thank you for the loyalty shown and fatih in us we like to give back.  MR CHRISTIAN has partnered with a number of UK registered charities. From mental health and social welfare to ecology and environmental projects.    

Every sale we make either from our website or via our wholesale customers we dontate a percentage of our profits to these charities.  We strongly believe that if we take from our resources and our people then we have a responsibilty to give something back. 100% circular investment that benefits everyone and a way to have a greater social impact.  We also actively encourage our partners and wholesale customers in supporting our charitiable work by way of donations.   Our donations are not a "ONE OFF" or when we turn a profit, they are made EVERYTIME a sale is made  ON EVERY PRODUCT for us this is where we stand above the competiton and it's  MANDATORY AND BY DEFAULT



Recycling leather has always been a challege and remains so, with most ending up in landfill. We are working hard on a "full returns service" to enable the recycling of old, damaged and end of life leather goods.  Full details of this service will be launched soon.  MR CHRISTIAN is fully commited in this sector to offer a "zero landfill" solution and service to ensure that our offer is 100% circular, fully sustainable and as ethical as we can make it.  This is under much development at present as it is technically quite challenging, but we are actively engaged with partners working collaboratively to reach this goal and we hope its not too far away.  We are also exploring other opportunites to recyle used leathergoods for the betterment of planet.  WATCH THIS SPACE ! 

We believe we are the UK's first SMALL leathergoods brand taking this step by way of collaborative partnerships in redUcing the impact we have IN A FULL CIRCuLar OFFER 

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